Ukraine and Success Criteria for the Software Exports Industry

Emmy B Gengler


The need to reduce the costs associated with software development and the subsequent shift to offshore locations, where labor rates are lower, is nothing new. Due to the success of such countries as Ireland, Israel and India, many other nations are looking to also capitalize on their low-cost, highly educated human resources. Using the success criteria developed by Heeks and Nicholson (2002), with its adaptation by Carmel (2003), this paper analyzes one such country, Ukraine. As part of the examination, direct observation, structured interviews and document review were used. Having the strengths of its human capital and an embedded research and development structure, the paper defines areas where Ukraine needs to improve. Areas discussed are: technological infrastructure (specifically data connectivity), financial infrastructure weaknesses, and the lack of a comprehensive national vision and strategy. Recommendations are given for activities Ukraine can undertake to develop its software exports industry, as well as suggestions for the Ukrainian firms competing in this industry. The paper is not intended to correlate how Ukraine?s current software exports position affects the success or failure of individual IT services projects or the licensing of technology from Ukraine.


software exports; Ukraine

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The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries.
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