An Investigation into the ICT Vendor – Value Added Reseller Partnership Satisfaction in South Africa

Ishmael Hassa, Maureen Tanner


The study was conducted to explore the perceived factors that contribute to relationship satisfaction between Vendors and Value-added Resellers (VARs) within Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) downstream Supply Chain Management (SCM) in South Africa (SA). The study highlights the challenges faced in these critical dyads by exploring the relationship satisfaction in an under-researched industry and country context. The study was qualitative and relevant experts from both ICT Vendors and VARs were interviewed. An initial set of findings derived from using the Interaction Approach (IA) as theoretical lens, was published in Hassa and Tanner (2016). This current paper presents an additional set of findings relating to critical factors found to be antecedent and consequent of perceived relationship satisfaction. In particular, this paper specifically discusses factors relating to Commitment, Communication, Trust, Loyalty, Profitability and Value. This inquiry contributes to depicting a more holistic picture of the landscape around perceived relationship satisfaction between Vendors and VARs within the ICT industry in South Africa. The results from these findings could promote transparent cooperation and collaboration between ICT industry partners and stakeholders (customers, government, etc.) and support an increase in ICT diffusion and adoption in South Africa and Africa.


Supply Chain Management; Value-Added Reseller; Vendor; Commitment; Communication; Trust; Loyalty; Profitability; Value

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The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries.
ISSN: 1681-4835