A Strategy for a Cybersecurity Culture: A South African Perspective

Noluxolo Gcaza, Rossouw von Solms


Nowadays, having Internet access is deemed to be a basic human right. The South African government has embraced this notion; and as a result, free Wireless Internet (WiFi) has been rolled out in numerous cities in the country. This national effort to connect South African citizens is, however, not matched with adequate national cybersecurity efforts. Across nations, cultivating a culture in pursuing cybersecurity is well appreciated as a fundamental approach. In line with this, the South Africa government envisages a culture of cybersecurity amongst its citizens.  However, there is an apparent lack of a practical plan to cultivate such a cybersecurity culture in South Africa. This paper proposes a strategy for promoting a national cybersecurity culture in South Africa. 


Culture; Cybersecurity; National Strategy

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