Call for: Call for Papers: Critical Realism and ICT4D

Explicit engagement with research paradigms is relatively rare in information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) research. But what there is shows a dominance of positivism and interpretivism. This special section will explore the relation between a “third way” research paradigm – critical realism – and ICT4D. Since the turn of the century, critical realism has been steadily making its way into one of ICT4D’s main cognate disciplines: information systems. But there has been little consideration to date of its specific relation to ICT4D research and practice.

Papers are therefore invited that explore any aspect of the relation between critical realism and ICT4D. This might include but is in no way limited to:

Investigation of the specific role critical realism can play in ICT4D research and/or practice.

Examples of applying critical realism in ICT4D.

Specific philosophical or methodological issues arising when using critical realism in ICT4D. 

Critiques of critical realism from an ICT4D perspective, or of ICT4D from a critical realist perspective. 

Extensions or modifications of critical realism deriving from application to ICT4D.

Indicative Timetable 

Friday 14th April 2017 (optional): submission to editors of c.200-word extended abstract indicating focus, methods, contribution and structure of proposed paper. 

Monday 1st May 2017 (optional): decision on invitation to submit. 

May/June 2017: late submission of abstracts for feedback is permitted 

Thursday 31st August 2017: deadline for submission of papers; up to 8,000 words in length. 

October 2017: return of reviews 

December 2017: submission of finalised papers, and transmission to journal for publication

If you have any questions about the special section, you are welcome to email the editors.

Editors 

Richard Heeks, University of Manchester, UK: 

Devinder Thapa, University of Agder, Norway: 

PJ Wall, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland:

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